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Insolvency is a financial condition that occurs when a person or a company's liabilities (debts) exceed their assets ('balance-sheet' insolvency), or when debt obligations can no longer be met on time as they become due ('cash-flow' insolvency).

Sequestration is a process for declaring a natural individual bankrupt or insolvent - an insolvent person has his property administered by a court-appointed trustee who liquidates the personís estate so that creditors can be paid. Creditors are no longer able to pursue the insolvent directly.

In terms of South African Insolvency Law, a natural person, a married coupleís joint estate, a trust, a partnership or a deceased estate are sequestrated while a company or close corporation is liquidated.

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     Sequestration of individuals and Trusts. We act for clients that wish to sequestrate

•     Liquidation of Corporations and Companies. We act for shareholders and directors of companies who wish to liquidate such companies

•     Rescission of Deregistered Companies.  This process allows clients to act against deregistered companies.

•     Rehabilitation of  Sequestrated persons. This is a process whereby an insolvent may be declared to be no longer insolvent.
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