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GD FICQ is a small legal practice specializing in Insolvency. Our attorney has the knowledge and specific industry experience that differentiates us as a specialist firm, suitably qualified and experienced to provide expert advice. Our attorney, Guilliame David Ficq, can provide personalized service in Gauteng as well as throughout South Africa and we have a network of Trustees to assist anywhere in the country.

Our expertise encompasses 15 years of insolvency and related matters and we have the requisite knowledge to obtain the appropriate court orders, organize the appointment of suitable trustees to finalize our clients' estates, and generally expedite the most effective and efficient resolutions.

We understand what is needed and do not take shortcuts to achieve positive outcomes as this ultimately is to the detriment of the individual, shareholders and directors. We are able to provide the correct advice and make use of the correct advocates and Trustees. We understand the Courts and how they function. Our work is of high quality and consistently accepted by the Judges.

Insolvency is a complex and challenging area of law and we pride ourselves on being sensitive to the needs of our clients. Our in-depth experience across diverse sectors enables us to provide a unique, individualized and personal service to simplify complex situations and deliver viable, practical and cost-effective solutions for individuals or companies.

We are proud to say that we have an excellent reputation in Insolvency law and that more than half of our clients are referrals.
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.......more than half of our clients are referrals!
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