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What is Insolvency
Insolvency is when an individual, or organ-ization, can no longer meet its financial obligations. An insolvent Company can be Liquidated whereas an Insolvent individual or Trust can be Sequestrated.
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Do you need a Law Firm that specializes in Debt related matters?

•     Insolvency including Liquidation and Sequestration

     Sequestration of private persons and Trusts

•     Liquidation of Corporations and Companies

•     Rescission of deregistered Companies to enable you to act against such companies

•     Rehabilitation of sequestrated persons to regain their financial standing
South Africa's constantly changing and challenging economic climate has created the need for specialized legal services and structured strategic advice to assist individuals and corporates during times of financial demise. The attorneys and staff at Gd Ficq Attorneys have a clear understanding of just how stressful this can be and are well positioned to provide  such essential services and advice.

Insolvency is a sensitive issue and, due to many misconceptions, is often viewed with fear and misunderstanding. Liquidation and sequestration are however necessary and powerful legal remedies, which, if carried out correctly, can provide highly effective debt solutions. They create finality and certainty for many clients. The process also avoids lengthy litigation as we only use the Application procedure.

GD Ficq Attorneys experience encompasses 15 years of dealing with Insolvencies and related matters and we have the practical expertise to submit effective applications, obtain appropriate court orders, organize the appointment of suitable trustees to finalize our clients' estates, and generally obtain the most efficient and effective solution for them. Rehabilitation is often the final step on the path back to financial independence.

We are able to offer our services countrywide as we have an extensive network of Trustees to assist anywhere in the South Africa.

Let the proven professionals help you to Liquidate, Sequestrate or Rehabilitate. Call us on 011 760 2558.